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We work with some of Australia's and the world's most advanced water management and supporting technologies. We also stock the industry's most respected brands - Brown Brothers Engineers, Cummins, DAVEY, HR Products, iPlex, Lowara, Mono, Netafim, Philmac, Valley and Vinidex are just a few.

We're proud to recommend brands, products and suppliers that we know are suitable for local conditions, including –

Valmont Australia / Valley Irrigation

Leading supplier of broadacre mobile irrigation equipment in Australia – Valmont Australia is a leading supplier of high-quality broadacre, mobile irrigation equipment in Australia. Valley irrigators are well-established in the Australian market and have a reputation for robustness, reliability, long life and control technology that is at the forefront of the industry. Land application of wastewater is often a cost-efficient alternative to conventional disposal of agricultural, industrial and municipal wastewater. Valley center pivots and linear irrigators can be configured from a wide range of span-lengths and pipe diameters, in both galvanised and poly-lined pipe.


World leader in pumping – DAVEY Pumps A world leader in pump manufacturing since 1934, DAVEY manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of products for transfer, conservation, treatment and filtration of water. DAVEY works to Lean practices, is an ISO 9001:2000 Quality Endorsed Company and has been certified to ISO 14001 for its Environmental Management System.

Brown Brothers Engineers

Pumps and pumping solutions – In 1935 Brown Brothers moved into pump manufacturing for farm, industrial and household use. In the post war decades Brown Brothers grew and thrived becoming the New Zealand distributor for many of the world's leading pump manufacturers. Among these is the Lowara brand, recognised as a world leader in stainless steel pump manufacturing technology ranging through turbine, centrifugal and submersible pumps. Lowara pumps are manufactured in AISI 304 and 316 fabricated stainless steel using laser technology for a diverse range of markets, including commercial, building service, industrial, agricultural, and domestic. The range of pumps includes vertical multi stage, in-line, end suction close coupled, peripheral turbine, small horizontal multi stage, jet, submersible bore hole, drainage and de-watering pumps, as well as booster and domestic pressure systems.

Cobram Irrigation - Lowara Pumps


Water efficient dripline technologies based on the principles of water sustainability and conservation; the world's first driplines for commercial applications – Netafim was formed on the principles of water sustainability and conservation. Based on a limited water supply Netafim invented the world's first driplines used for commercial applications. Netafim offers a full range of products to satisfy all your drip/micro irrigation needs - including dripperlines, sprinklers, filters, valves, crop management technologies and other vital system support - such as technical services and agronomic expertise.

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“When we recommend a product or solution to a client, it comes with the confidence that we are backed up by World Leaders in their field.

Our suppliers offer ongoing technical advice, warranty avenues and excellent after sales service.

Netafim for example have a team of Agronomists who can provide advice to growers on getting the most out of their specialised range of product.

At Cobram Irrigation, we are confident that when you need us, our suppliers are also there to assist".

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Since 1989, Cobram Irrigation have built their reputation on product support, listening to the end user providing practical, efficient, cost-effective solutions to water and fluid management problems - both large and small.

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