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Case Studies: Agriculture

Boundary Bend Limited - Boort Olive Estate
Boort, Victoria

One of the largest olive plantation irrigation projects of its kind in the world, delivered by Cobram Irrigation

Early in 2000, Olivecorp Land Ltd appointed Quipright in association with Cobram Irrigation to complete Stage 1 of the Timbercorp Boort Olive Project. The Boort Olive Estate was considered the largest single olive grove in Australia at the time. Water was key to the project, and great lengths were undertaken to ensure efficient water use.

This required design and installation to enable 362 hectares of olives to be planted and staked — with a drip irrigation system installed within a twelve-week deadline. Approximately 124,500 trees were planted in Stage 1. A total of 17 semi-loads of PVC pipe and fittings were required and over 1 million meters of drip line drip tube was laid.

Then Victorian treasurer, John Brumby, attended the opening of the Olive Project. Since then the plantation has changed hands and is now owned by Boundary Bend Limited.

Boundary Bend Limited - Boort Olive Estate

Boundary Bend Limited - Boort Olive Estate. Irrigation system design and installation by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Cobram Irrigation.

Mendook Station
Euston, New South Wales

Dry land-cropping transformed into a highly efficient irrigation farm

Mendook Station project covers approximately 2800 acres and has transformed a dry land-cropping enterprise into a highly efficient irrigated farm.

The Hope Family approached Cobram Irrigation in November 2005 with the proposition of developing the property. The project started in April 2006 after carrying out due diligence and Stage 1 was completed in October that year.

The property has been divided into 24 110-acre center pivot sites with up to 5 center pivots operating simultaneously. The main crop produced on the property is 550 acres of potatoes on a rotating basis of 2 crops per year, with the balance being planted to winter cereals.

Mendook Station is some 10kms from the Murray River and draws water along a 550mm Poly pipeline installed parallel to Pruangle Road. Water is pumped into a 400-mega-litre storage dam on the property. A floating pontoon with three 45kw Davey pumps has been installed on the river, which transfers 25 megalitres of water a day to the dam.

Mendook Station

Mendook Station, Euston Victoria. Irrigation design and implementation by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Cobram Irrigation.

Mowbray Citrus
Cobram, New South Wales

A long-standing relationship with local growers

The Diaco Family immigrated to Australia from Italy in the 1950s. Here they established approximately 50 acres of stone fruit orchard and commenced a 45-year relationship with the Love family (Cobram Irrigation) as their primary provider of irrigation components and pumping equipment.

A further 136 acres of stone fruit and citrus plantations have since been established on a number of blocks within the Cobram district.

With such a vast experience in fruit production it's no wonder that the Diaco name is now synonymous with one of the largest agricultural developments the district has ever seen.

Planting of a 600-acre citrus orchard near Berrigan began in the spring of 2010, as part of a $10 million agricultural venture. Stage 1 comprises of 300 acres consisting of 50% oranges, 25% lemons and 25% mandarins, all of which are seedless varieties. The first harvest is planned for 2013.

Cobram Irrigation was appointed to install the irrigation system. Approximately 5 km of PVC pipe will be laid to deliver water to the orchard from a 150 megalitre dam fed from the Berrigan Number 1 Channel. Netafim soil moisture monitoring probes will automatically control the amount of water being applied to the trees.

Edited from an article published in the Shepparton Country News on April 2010

Mowbray Citrus

Mowbray Citrus. Irrigation design and installation by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Cobram Irrigation.

Farm Water Program, supported by the Australian government provides funding to farmers for irrigation projects

“The first step was to understand the clients expectations & needs in designing and installing a state-of-the-art irrigation system”
– Cobram Irrigation

The client wanted the most efficient, state-of-the-art irrigation system available in the market place today. Cobram Irrigation’s first step was to understand the clients expectations and needs in designing and installing an irrigation system.

Cobram Irrigation designed and installed a system with the pivots to minimise pressure loss and operating pressures while keeping in mind running costs.

Cobram Irrigation installed panels to allow the engines to auto start when they receive a signal from the pressure transducer that there has been a drop in pressure in the system. The drop in pressure will be caused by the pivot receiving a signal to start which will open the control valve. When the pivot has stopped the reverse will happen engine will shut down when shut off pressure is reached. As an option, the panel can be fitted with a modem and the client can get access to the control panel through an app. This will enable him to monitor and control the engine while operating or idle.

Valley Pivots 252m
Valley Pivots 453m
Davey 150 x 125 -250 ISO pump
Davey 200 x 150 – 315 ISO pump
Nelson S3000 spinners
Nelson R3000 olive plate rotators
Pentair Riverscreen system
8 5/8” poly lined spans
6 5/8” poly lined spans

Design and installation
Lower running costs
State-of-the-art irrigation system
Remote monitoring

Paul Moat from Cobram Irrigation, designed and chose products for the project which are proven in the field. The system consists of 252 m pivots, designed with 6 5/8” poly lined span pipes and overhang. The pressure loss through this pivot was 3.9 PSI and the overall pressure required at the base of the pivot was 20 PSI. We decided that Nelson S3000 spinners operating at 10 PSI with a mixture of yellow and beige plates would be suitable for the 252 m pivots.

For the 453 m pivots, 75% of the total machine length was designed with 8 5/8” poly lined spans and the remaining 25% of pipes all 6 5/8” poly lined. The pressure loss through this pivot was 18 PSI and the overall pressure required at the base of the pivot was 39 PSI. For these pivots we chose Nelson R3000 olive plate rotators with 15 PSI regulators. The olive plate rotators are a new product and, after consultation with Nelson, it was decided that they were the best fit for the client’s soil conditions and the different crops he is looking to grow.

Cobram Irrigation, specified a Davey 150 x 125 -250 ISO pump for the 252 m dual pivot system. At dual flow it will operate at 81% efficiency running at 1680 rpm. The 453 m pivot systems have pump duties that are slightly different because of the mainline lengths required. Both pump sets had the same pump selected, a Davey 200 x 150 – 315 ISO pump and both will operate around the 81% efficiency mark with engine speeds at 1600 and 1650 rpm.

On the pump suctions Cobram Irrigation, selected the Pentair Riverscreen system, which works on a floating aluminium frame and pontoon and will operate in water levels down to 100 mm. Its advantage is it has a rotating self-cleaning stainless steel screen and does not require a filter in the discharge side of the system. This eliminates blockages in the system causing a drop in operating pressure and increased running costs.

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Edited from an article published in the IAL Spring Journal 2016 

Farm Water Program

Farm Water Program. Irrigation design and installation by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Cobram Irrigation.


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