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Case Studies: Domestic

Domestic Irrigation Design & Install (Joe Raco)
Cobram, Victoria

A safe, reliable water supply is essential in every environment, especially home – in this domestic water management project delivered by Cobram Irrigation

Joe Raco has been a long-time customer of Cobram Irrigation. After years operating a successful orchard enterprise, it was time to retire. Joe built a new home and then with our help created a majestic garden landscape — complete with vast areas of green lawn, beds of flowering plants and an extensive vegetable garden.

The first step was to establish a reliable source of water. Joe commissioned Cobram Irrigation to install a Lowara 66S11 1.1 kw Submersible Pump and Franklin Motor combination down an existing bore.

This configuration was capable of supplying 70 Liters per minute. Once the water output was known, we then designed the irrigation system around Joes existing garden design, followed by trenching and installation of underground pipework and sprinklers where required.

A Raindial 12STN 3 Program Control unit was also installed to facilitate scheduled, automatic watering. A Davey 125S Pressure pump was also installed to supply the trickle system in the vegetable garden.

Joe is now able to grow an abundance of fresh produce in his home garden - all year round.

Domestic Irrigation Design and Install

Domestic irrigation design and installation by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Cobram Irrigation.


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