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Murray Goulburn Co-operative Cobram Water Reclamation Project
East Cobram, Victoria

The project is one of the largest private water re-use schemes in Victoria and Australia – delivered by Cobram Irrigation

Cobram Irrigation has proudly serviced Murray Goulburn Co-operative for over 21 years, Continued production growth at Murray Goulburn's Cobram factory resulted in the co-operative's water treatment farm being too small to sustainably process the resultant waste water. An extensive review of available options arrived at the preferred and most beneficial environmental solution — returning the water, following treatment, to a series of dairy farms for further use in their farming operations.

A 37km pipeline was laid to a cluster of 8 large farms at East Cobram in 2004. This piped 1,000 megalitres of treated waste annually during the August-May irrigation season — one of the largest private water re-use schemes in Victoria.

The treated water is mixed with irrigation water to create a "shandy" so that conductivity, nitrogen and phosphorus levels are well within EPA guidelines. Additionally, this nutrient-rich water provides 50% of fertiliser requirements, thus saving farmers' money.

Water quality is constantly monitored via electronic monitoring and telemetry equipment.

The project Cobram Irrigation worked on was developed within the sustainability parameters set by the EPA; the limits on agricultural water use set by Goulburn-Murray Water and those set by other relevant regulatory authorities. The Victorian State Government contributed a Regional Development Grant of $1.25 million towards the $7 million overall project cost.

Murray Goulburn Co-operative Water Reclamation Project

Murray Goulburn Co-operative Water Reclamation Project, by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Cobram Irrigation.


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