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AGL Gloucester CSG Water Treatment & Re-use
Gloucester, New South Wales

The treatment and re-use of waste water in adherence to stringent DPI environmental management plans is essential for the success of this project, delivered by Cobram Irrigation

The Gloucester Coal Seam Gas Project is a long-term investment in the Gloucester region by AGL to develop coal seam gas resources, including the installation of gas wells, construction of a central processing facility and construction of a high-pressure pipeline to transport the gas. This is being developed in line with AGL's goal of low emission and renewable energy generation.

The coal seams deep within the Gloucester Basin contain water as well as methane gas. The gas is trapped within the coal seams by the pressure of the surrounding water, so to extract gas the water must first be pumped out. This means that large quantities of water are normally an inevitable by-product of coal seam methane gas production.

Cobram Irrigation in conjunction with fellow IRRIGEAR STORES and NSW-based BLOOMS IRRIGATION was successful in tendering for the installation of equipment to facilitate the distribution of this water onto nearby agricultural land. This process will be undertaken through a Valley Linear Move Irrigator after the water has been treated in holding ponds and shandied with local river water. The site has also been fitted with Mait Soil Moisture Sensors which are tied to the remote control of the Irrigator to ensure no more water is applied than is necessary to support healthy plant growth and soil health.

All activities are first approved by the DPI to ensure adherence to stringent environmental management plans.

AGL Gloucester CSG Water Treatment and Re-Use

AGL Gloucester CSG Water Treatment and Re-use by IRRIGEAR Stores Members Cobram Irrigation and Blooms Irrigation.


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